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Monday, April 11, 2011


many have wondered where we went...how the adoption process is coming along and why we haven't been posting. I suppose blatant honesty is best: we have been on a mini vacation from focusing on all things adoption. We are still in the adoption process but not a lot on our end has changed so we shifted to day to day life.  It started to get to me I guess, all the waiting without any real news that we were moving closer to another daughter being in our home.  I'm a very "glass overfull" type of person and so I was a bit surprised that knowing that this process would be lengthy and knowing we are all experiencing delays, that it was affecting me to the point that it was easier to pretend "what adoption...wait,...we're adopting?!" than to live with the reality that it was taking a lot longer than expected. :) that is the honest truth. We are attempting to be patient, anyway we can. 

Recently, I have been lifted by news that 11 families have been approved to pick up their children in India.  Some of these families have been waiting for this news since last May due to the delays all year in India.  I'm thrilled for all of them and know that once they have their children home, we and the families waiting on the referral list with us, will be next in line! At that time, I will go back to all things adoption and put all my energy back to getting our Lilian home...and can hardly wait to see which child God has given our family. 

So bear with us...there will be an end to this journey eventually! :)    


  1. I've had a little "writer's block" myself -- but mostly, I'm obssessively following others' blogs as they travel, or progress along. Which, thank God, means perhaps those of us waiting will start getting some good news!

  2. Best of luck you guys look like such a cute couple and your daughter are too adorable, I think it rocks that you're adopting from india.